Berlin Police


K-9 Unit


The Berlin Police Department K-9 Unit was established in 1990 by Pfc. John Bohlen III and K9 Wolf.  Pfc. Bohlen and K9 Wolf served for 7 years making numerous drug arrests and criminal apprehensions until 1997.  The police department went without a unit until 2003 when S.O. Chris Bireley and K9 Titus came on the road in March.  K9 Titus retired in June of 2012 after nine years of dedicated service. S.O. Bireley got another K-9, Luke, and he is used in Narcotics.  In 2016 S.O. Aaron Titerence got K-9 Cyrus who is used in Tracking and Narcotics. In 2019 Det. Cpl. Collins got K-9 Dock. He is used in Explosives, Tracking and Articles.

John and Wolf k9 Titus Cyrus, Dock, Luke