Berlin Police


Property Checks

The Berlin Police Department offers Property Checks as a service to individual citizens/property owners, which ultimately benefits the community as a whole. A property check request is a simple form that is completed by a property owner informing the Police Department of additional checks needed on their property due to vacation, vandalism, etc. The checks are often used as a pro-patrol tactic and allow officers to be readily seen in the neighborhood while performing the checks. This additional visibility benefits the community by limiting opportunity for criminal activity. The Berlin Police Department attempts to check properties on the Property Check list at least once per day but this can be affected by call volume and/or reduced manpower. The Berlin Police Department strongly urges citizens going on vacation or other extended absences to follow good basic crime prevention rules. These include stopping your mail and paper or having a neighbor pick them up, leaving an inside and outside light on and notifying a trusted neighbor of your absence.

For your convenience, a Property Check form is available utilizing the below link. Once completed, the form must be delivered to the Berlin Police Department in person or by mail. If you have questions about the form or are unable to complete it yourself, please feel free to come to the Berlin Police Department for assistance.

Completed forms should be mailed to: Berlin Police Department, 10 William Street, Berlin, Maryland 21811